closed 范例

关闭 (close的过去式和过去分词)
  • 例句 close
    1. Somebody forgot to close his barn door again! ‎
    2. Olivier Giroud then entered the fray and Walcott reverted to his more familiar berth on the right wing, quickly creating his side's fifth goal by crossing for Giroud to send a plunging header into the net from close range.
    3. Clasped, love, close to thy heart, thy birdling Foldeth her wings in peace-- Trusts, love! feeling nor cold nor shadow, Finding at last her ease, From fear a safe release, Heart's love, with thee."
    4. Although the Hampden Park blood bath of '94 caused Yale and Harvard to break off football relations for the next two years, they kept close watch on each other.
    5. There is no crying in space, but Monday was perhaps as close as it gets to a blubberfest in space helmets.
    6. Celtic captain Scott Brown joined team-mate Majstorovic in the book and Rangers' John Fleck was also shown a yellow card as an ill-tempered half drew to a close.
    7. The development of a typesetting program suite for general bookwork calls for very close cooperation between typographer and programmer.
    8. A close caballer and tongue-valiant lord. — Dryden.
  • 例句 closes
    1. When he eats, he never closes his mouth. It's so mank.
    2. In some works the motif is doubled and angled, decreasing the shieldlike frontality and opening up new optical and spatial possibilities. 945 Madison Avenue, at 75th Street, (212) 570-3676, whitney.org; closes on Sunday.
    3. Lately, his clientele has been preoccupied with a very untrivial question: Will it be months, weeks or just days before this unlikely nerd hangout closes?
    4. The building is deserted. The door closes echoingly behind you.
    5. I guess the store closes at five on Thursdays. Oh well. I'll just come back tomorrow.
    6. And to avoid any quantum entanglement, make sure that if you visit the show before it closes on the stardate equivalent to Sept. 20, your transporter is in working order.
    7. It riles me that she never closes the door after she leaves.
    8. Taken together, the present study closes a gap in the understanding of host-IBV interaction and paves the way for further characterization of the mechanisms underlying immune evasion strategies as well as the pathogenesis of gammacoronaviruses.
  • 例句 closer
    1. The closer Jones can really bring it. ‎
    2. As you get closer the haze goes away. ‎
    3. In our organization, the VP of Sales usually acts as the closer.
    4. The DJ chose a fantastic track as his closer at the end of the night.
    5. They brought their closer in for the ninth.
    6. door-closer inventor
    7. The advent of e-mail has simultaneously brought our society closer together and farther apart.
  • 例句 closed
    1. Any closed, orientable, connected manifold is a Poincaré space.
    2. In the last few weeks, after price cuts and the public’s reacquaintance with the Oak Room and other long-closed public spaces at the Plaza, activity has picked up, brokers say, and a handful of deals have been done.
    3. The slide closed the highway.
    4. The United Steelworkers strike closed the mill.
    5. Again Abdullah listened intently, his eyes closed, his ten fingers forming a temple of his hands in front of him.
    6. The local Lombarde has blasted upper slopes, occasionally closed lifts and deposited windslab, potentially dangerous to off-piste skiers, on lee slopes.
    7. 1962: The young woodwose had now closed his eyes and was stretched out supine on the pool's marble margin; his Tarzan brief had been cast aside on the turf. — Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire
    8. The door closed by itself
  • 例句 closing
    1. Technology shares also received a boost ahead of a midquarter update from Texas Instruments , which tightened its financial targets after the closing bell.
    2. The Montenegro captain was finding space at will and followed up with a speculative shot that he scuffed wide, after Wales were slow in closing down the Juventus striker.
    3. Drink up. The pub is closing.
    4. Far from closing the door on the leadership of the ’60s generation, Mr. Obama’s presidency seems to have brought it back in full force.
    5. I need this done by closing time. — No worries, I'll have it sorted.
    6. at six o’clock;  at closing time;  at night. ‎
    7. It later softened to suggest a 1940s tea room orchestra in a Cuban-inspired movement and a lilting choros band in the closing Brazilian pastiche.
    8. With enemies closing in fast, our hero's mind sprung into hyperdrive.
  • 例句 closest
    1. Conceived as a live spectacle without a pre-recorded soundtrack, it is also the closest he has come to a pure silent feature, not that purity is a pertinent concept in the case of the magpielike Mr. Maddin and his dense, crossbred melodramas.
    2. In between were the Bang on a Can All-Stars, a contemporary chamber-music group, playing the part of their repertorydrum-driven, motoric, yet by no means primitiveclosest to rock.
    3. They live in the next closest house.
    4. The girls are mostly Slavic-pretty, long-limbed with high cheekbones, sallow skin and green eyes. They are the closest thing to supermodels that Mulhuddart has ever seen.
    5. (This led the ultrapious Rabbi Eliezer Shach to acidly define Chabad as the sect closest to Judaism.)
    6. The six-winged Seraphim are the angels closest to God.
    7. Though I think that the closest I came to actually wearing felt was a yurtlike bathrobe with large red, cut-out and flocked tomatoes on its enormous pockets — a Christmas gift from my mother at the onset of my adolescence.
    8. Their formatting and organization is far and away better than their closest rival.
    9. Thatcher won her three elections [ … ] because she was seen as being closest to the center, in contrast to an unelectably left-wing Labor Party.
    10. Extensive upgrades to the Arecibo antenna will be completed this spring, providing dozens of Toutatis-quality detections per year, spacecraft-quality images of the closest approachers, and hundred-pixel images of dozens of main-belt asteroids ( 9 ).
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